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Re: Black horses & Selecting a Mount

Alison Dunn wrote:
> When I was horse-hunting last, it took me a few months to find the
> horse I liked.  It turned out he was a grey, but I decided not to
> hold that against him.  

Ah yes....  The last time I went horse hunting, I was looking for a
mare, around 14.3 - 15.1 H, for my next endurance horse - any color
except gray (too hard to keep clean).  I ended up with a <wonderful>
gray arab gelding who sticked at 16H!  I always try to go out with an
open mind.  You just don't know what you might find.

Since I wasn't planning to breed a mare, a gelding suited me just as
well.  (Maybe better!  With a gelding, I don't have to worry about
attitude when the mare is season.)  Realistically, color is not even on
my list for choosing a horse.  My list reads:

1.     Attitude
2.     Conformation
3.     Attitude
4.     Conformation
5.     Training
6.     Conformation

Linda Flemmer

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