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Re: RC: Branding - why I did it wrote:

> Eight years ago I hot branded my mare, Emily.  There are a billion horses
> that are plain dark bay with a left rear sock.  I wanted a way for anyone to
> identify her.
> The Tennessee State Veterinarian said that branded horses are less likely to
> be stolen and if they are they are more often found.

That is the reason we had our horses branded.

> I hot branded Emily because a hot brand cannot be hidden.  If an animal has a
> freeze brand all a thief has to do is cover it with the appropriate color of
> shoe polish and that horse could be through a sale ring or slaughtered before
> anyone would ever notice the brand.  People have covered state EIA brands in
> that manner.

Our horses are freeze branded.  I never thought about someone covering it up with
shoe polish!

> Western states like
> Texas charge several hundred dollars.

  I live in Texas and my brand registration cost $11.00 (eleven dollars).


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