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Re: RC: !!!!SHYING!!!!

I don't know if you can change the way a horse shys. I doubt it. Some
horses have learned how to dismount their riders when given an excuse.
One of mine spins to the side real hard and I fall off over the
shoulder. It has gotten to be a problem as I don't care to ride this
horse anymore, even though I've only fell off twice. Others have fallen
off too. You never know when it will happen. My other horse doesn't
spook too often but when she does she stops and plants all four feet. No
problem staying on. When I look to buy a horse I always ask "How does
the horse spook?" I won't ride spinners or bolters and certainly won't
knowingly buy one. Back to your question; I think that if your horse has
done this type of "spook" more then twice, that is the way your horse
deals with it and it would be hard or impossible to change. You can
teach your horse to spook less by working with it a la "natural horse
training" methods.


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