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Re: Black horses

Black horses absorb more heat than light colored horses, but they also
radiate the excess heat faster than the lighter horses.  So they might heat
up a little more/faster, but would cool down more quickly when put into the
shade at a check.

I'd never choose or reject a horse based on his color, but if I did have a
very dark horse, I'd probably make an effort to find/create shade for him at
checks to take advantage of the faster radiation rate.  Heat losses through
evaporation should probably stay about the same between colors.

Susan G
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From: Sarah Roxanne Zawacki <>
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Date: Saturday, May 01, 1999 11:32 AM
Subject: RC: Black horses

>    I'm not sure if this applies or not, but I'm going to tell it anyway.
>In the UAE, where people where those robes (I think there's an official
>name, but I don't know what it is, hope I don't offend anyone) as daily
>dress, many of them wear black ones.  The idea is that while the black
>cloth is about five degrees warmer in sun than the white, wearing a loose
>black robe can feel cooler.  The extra heat from the robe heats the air
>against the wearer's skin, and the expanded air moves up, through the neck,
>and cooler air is drawn through the bottom.  The result is circulating
>air and the wearer feels cooler and dryer.  Bizarre.
>    I don't think this can apply to black horses, though, because they are
>not tube-shaped, as a robe can be, and thus do not funnel air in any
>particular direction.  I was thinking that maybe a black horse would have
>an advantage in humidity, when they were able to evaporate sweat better.
>However, that's a silly idea because the sunlight would be evaporating the
>sweat, rather than horse's heat evaporating it (which is, I think, the
>entire point of sweating).
>                                Sarah
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