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Re: shock tamers

Mickie Newnam wrote:

> At Equine Affaire I bought a set of Shock Tamer hoof pads (rim pads).
>  But I'mcurious if anyone else has had any experience with them and if
> they
> seemed to help with concussion.

We use the Shock Tamer full pads at times on our gelding who foundered
many years ago.  It's the only set of pads that make competing on the
rocks possible for this horse.  We have lost a shoe/pad before, and used
a similar weight & thickness pad, only to have the horse complain about
the non-shock tamer pad.  The full pads work very well for us.

We tried the Shock Tamer rim pads several times, and we thought that they
were a waste of money.  We trimmed so much of the shock absorbing
material away to match the size 1 shoes, there was no apparent benefit.
If we need rim pads, we use the generic ones.

Linda Flemmer
Blue Wolf Ranch
Bruceton Mills, WV

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