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Re: Fords

Kinda a "me too" post to Janet regarding automatic trannys (sorry Angie
;-)).  I had two old Ford pickups (74 and 76, gas 390's) that were
darned near identical except for the wheelbase length.  Both were used
to haul horses.

The truck with the automatic had the C6 Ford tranny in it (3 speed), and
I used the D1 and D2 A LOT when hauling in the mountains (Sierras) and
when, one bright sunny summer day in the Death Valley desert, my brakes
went out.  Using a combination of gearing down to first and an old 2
horse Miley trailer's brakes (empty trailer), I carefully came to a stop
in less distance than I thought I would need.  Had to drive this way
until civilization so I could get parts to work on the beast.  Never a
complaint about that tranny, except the high cost for repairs years
later as I had no intention to work on that C6 beast myself ;-).

The manual on my other truck is great too, especially if you need to
force the engine at a higher RPMs for ??? reason in first or second. 
Seems a lot more "gutsy" when you need it to be.  And, it has a granny
low for climbing (aren't 4WDs fun???).  Cheaper to fix and replace the
clutch, as you can do it yourself without much grumbling and groaning. 
But, my complaint is that truck must have been designed for one of those
tall cowboys... really have to reach to shift, and I am one of those
5'6" folks who like to have a 44 ounce cup of anything in my hands at
all times! If I'm not careful, it ends up as 44 ounces of whatever in my

If given the choice, I would probably opt for the automatic if pulling a
trailer and climbing through the Sierras myself.  Lesson learned: 
Always spend the extra bucks and get a tranny cooler and the biggest
radiator you can stuff under the hood.  I've cooked tranny fluid on one
trip before pre-tranny-cooler days (110 degrees desert), and pulling
over to cool off the truck, drop the pan, collect the fluid in an oil
pan, and refill with new fluid to save your tranny's future is no fun.
And, the radiator is self-explanitory ;-).

Ah, the good ol' days!

Kim (and Lee, who prefers the company of cattle in trailers (yeah, she's
a weird one))


On Sat, 1 May 1999 00:03:09 -0700, "janet b" <> wrote:

> Automatic transmissions can be used similarly to manual on downhill.  I use
> second often when the decline is steep.  Mine is a 1978  Ford, F150 with
> 460, Circle Y comination stock trailer, bumper pull.

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