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Re: RC: Tevis Cup Coverage

> Does anyone remember what station carried the special on Tevis last year?
> Was it the Discovery Channel?  How much time did they devote to it?  Is it
> possible to get a copy?
> Toni

Toni, the show you refer to was aired on the Discovery Channel most recently on
Monday, November 30, 1998, at 9-10 PM (ET/PT) and was called, "The Ultimate
Guide ~ HORSES".  

The feature included coverage related to the 1997 Tevis Cup Ride and, for the
portions about the Tevis, focused on the ride preparation and participation by
Bob Marx of Danville, Ca.  

The show actually is about equines in general and all the many breeds and their
specialties, Endurance being just one.  Footage of Bob's ride is woven in among
sequences about zebras, wild mustangs, draft horses, etc., so it's not really a
"special" about the Tevis Ride, as such.

You can purchase a copy of the video directly from the Discovery Channel:

Price is $19.95 + shipping/handling/tax/etc.

If you want a video about the Tevis Ride, albeit a somewhat lighthearted
treatment, there is the National Geographic/Boyd Matson special from a couple
years ago.  That one features Potato Richardson, last year's winner of the Tevis
Cup.  I believe Potato has copies of that video available.  His email is in the
cc list above.

/richard, teviswebguy

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