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under pads

Crockett shoes all our horses.  We are EASYBOOT  FOAM under the pad if he
does decide to pad..... Easyboot now offers the BEST pad on the market as
well.  Shoe with pads as usual and then mix the Easyboot Foam just as you
would for foaming on Easyboots and pour from a small paper cup while holding
the foot up and wrap a couple wraps of duct tape to seal in the foam.  Trick
is not using tooooo much foam and making sure it is mixed but not "hot"
mixed.... you don't want a foaming mess.

Write us directly if you have any questions.

Best solution is still foaming on Easyboots for the ride.... train shod so
the foot stays strong and healthy.... but if you must pad all season, try
the Easyboot foam.

Outlaw Trail

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