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re:tucking the butt

<<<<Wouldn't a hind swedge have the same "braking" effect you were concerned
about with the square toe?
I'll buy shoe weight as a valid approach.  Two points for you there.

My young guy hits the bottom of his front feet with the toe of his back feet
(is this called forging?).  My farrier, who has come highly recommended by
my vets and some other horsemen (and even by an endurance farrier that I met
at a ride), has improved this situation a lot by shortening/rolling the toes
on the front and raising the heel, and by squaring the toes on the back.
Bill would like to put weighted shoes on the back also but I wanted to ask
endurance folks about this first.  Bill is very open to my questions and
suggestions and encourages me to find out all that I can about shoeing of an
endurance horse's feet, so that we can do the best thing for my horse.  Khal
is long legged and short backed.  So.....can you folks explain the whys
and/or why nots of using weighted back shoes to help a horse not to hit his
front feet with his back feet.  BTW, except when Khal got his first pair of
shoes that were put on by my old farrier (long toes, short heels, Khal was
very uncomfortable immediately), he has been sound and moved out very well.
Marilyn and Khal in San Angelo, TX

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