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Re: tucking the butt

Keep us posted on what you learn. I had my 8YO Arab
gelding with my Instructor for three weeks. He gets "on
the bit" immediately for her, but she gets off and I get on
and he won't do it for me.

On the trail I find that now I CAN smooth out that "Bone-
Jarring" trot with a combination of leg and rein pressure
and sitting up to shift my weight back..

John and Meshack (Vermont Equestrian Activities)

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Date: Sunday, April 25, 1999 8:05 PM
Subject: RC: tucking the butt

>So, how does one achieve this, tucking the butt and reaching from behind?
>Horse, 15+ hands, tends to overreach (farrier has comptensated with
>on rear shoes and a clip for the front shoes).  Also, I believe he tends to
>use his front end too much in downhill.  I'd like advise on methods to
>him (17 years) to utilize his big muscled rear end (QH, but on the running
>side)?   He does have a powerful, although pounding, extended trot that
>could meet most any competitor.  I want to learn to stay comfortable in the
>saddle better to help him continue this pace when the footing is right, and
>then, how to maintain a good pace when we hit rougher trail.
>thanks - I do appreciate the advice found in ridecamp.
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