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Re: RC: tucking the butt

In a message dated 4/29/99 7:01:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 

<< I leave maybe 1/4" of shoe showing at the heel when the foot is on the
 ground (I don't turn it under the heel as far as I might). Since this is
 a piece that can catch on things, I file a little bevel on the hoof
 surface of the heel of the shoe so that anything that catches is more
 inclined to slip off.  It's an old-timey English thing, as I recall. 
 Known as a "boxed" heel, I don't know why.

Ok, I can't argue with that approach.

 >  >Wouldn't a hind swedge have the same "braking" effect you were concerned
 >  about with the square toe?>
 > Gives grip and stability--no slipping. Square toes just stop the foot 
 I guess I see "grip" as something that would do the same thing. 
 Actually, though, the toe should be the last part to land.  The hoof
 should land like an airplane, back end first.
 I'm not arguing against a swedged shoe - I actually like them for many
 reasons.  One is that they provide a degree of traction that's more
 similar to the bare hoof than a shoe is.  But in the case of a horse
 that forges, the square toe is really mainly to give clearance to that
 front foot that may not be getting out of the way quickly enough.

Right, but there are negatives to the square to, generally felt in the hocks 
more than anyplace else. This can be dramatic in a Standardbred trotter, but 
maybe not so damaging in a horse using a slow trot.



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