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Isotonic drinks

Raimo Launonen
If the rider/horse drinks isotonic water solution and at the
same time eats for example salty peanuts (not the horse) or
something containg "sugars" (oats..):
Is it likely that the solution in the stomach becomes too
strong (=not isotonic) because of extra salt/sugar ?

What happens then ?
Lot of water in the stomach and still dry and thirsty ?
Some isotonic levels (source Pharmacopoea Nordica):
max glucose 56 g/l   or
max fructose 50 g/l  or
max NaCl 9 g/l       or
max KCl 12 g/l       or
max MgCl 20 g/l      or
max CaCl 25 g/l      or

Have I understood it right ?:
From those above for example an isotonic solution:
(50%+50%) fructose max 25 g/l + NaCl max 4,5 g/l
Raimo Launonen, Nummelan Ratsastajat, Finland +358(0)9 4565236, 09 2221454

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