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Re: RC: Heart Rate Monitors

In a message dated 4/16/99 7:15:04 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

<< She's interested in acquiring a heart rate monitor for her three day event 
 mare. She is looking for one that doesn't need a breast plate to attach the 
 monitor to (I don't have one or use one, so I'm fuzzy on the placement) as 
 she wants to use one while doing dressage, and dressage protocol frowns on 
 breast plates. Anyone who has suggestions, advice, or sells HRM can write me 
 or my friend. Tell her you read my letter on Ridecamp. She said she's found 
 only one supplier for them...can that be true?  >>

There's only one that really works, in my opinion--that's the Polar-based 
outfit that Roger Rittenhouse puts together--the V-Max. Running Bear Farm 
sells that one too. I sell it to racehorse folk. I buy from Roger.


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