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Breeds for Endurance/WEC

Hi Ridecampers,

As the discussion again turns to the merits of
arabian/partarabian/nonarabian horses in endurance, I thought I would share
the results of a little mental exercise I did while sitting in the desert at
Dubai.  Although this is "personal observation" it does evaluate the best
endurance horses in the world as assembled for the Championships.  My
husband would also say it indicates just how much time I spend thinking
about this sport and looking for the perfect endurance horse.

The WEC program listed all of the competitors who earned the right to
represent their countries at Dubai.  The rider, horse and, in many instances
the breed, where listed.  This is the general breakdown from the information
in the program:

               Purebred Arabians   87

               Partbred (Mostly AngloArab)    32

               Crossbred(whatever that means)  8

               other specific breeds      22

               unidentified in program   24

                               TOTAL      173  in the program

The unidentified category could be arab or any other breed so it is
difficult to factor but the % of the starting field is as follows:

                  Purebred Arabs   87/173=50%
                  Partbred Arabs   32/173=18%
                  Crossbred         8/173= 5%
                  other breeds     22/173=13%
                  unidentified     24/173=14%
                                      TOTAL 100%

Now, I arbitrarily looked at the top 30 finishers  (if I find a little time
I'll examine the other finishers as well--78 in all).  When I compared the
program information with the finishers I found the following:

                  15 of top 30 finishers were purebred arabs (50%)
                  9 were partbred including 6 AngloArabs  (30%)
                  2 were crossbred   (7%)
                  3 were unidentified (10%)
                  1 other breed (Appy) (3%)
                                  TOTAL 100%

I am not attempting a scientific sample but the above indicates the
following to me:

      1.  The Pure Arabians started 50% of the field and finished 50% of the
field which appears to be pure statistics.   

      2.  The Partbreds which include a significant number of AngloArabs
          started at 18% but finished 30%.  This is significant improvement 
          in performance over the proportional starting numbers.

      3.  The Crossbreds (which are undefined and perhaps belong in Partbreds)
          started 5% and finished 7%.  The numbers are probably not
statistically           significant but if they are included in partbreds,
they continue the
          same pattern i.e. the arab/cross may actually be statistically
more              likely to perform successfully than the pure arab.
      4.  Other non arab breeds started at 13% of the field but only
finished one           horse (an Appy) for a total of 3% of the field of 30
top finishers.              That appears to suggest that the lack of arab
blood reduces the                  likelihood of successful performance.

      5.  The unidentified category might show the same % or might blow this
whole analysis out of the water! Also the accuracy of the program
          has not been verified.

Now, have any of you kept statistics or do you have programs from which
large numbers of well trained horses can be evaluated?

Joane White and the Herd which includes one of each of the above!
Price, Utah


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