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Re : Pregnancies

"KC Lee
Hello everyone,
wanted to know for future reference...  

1.  how long through your pregnancies have you competed in endurance races

2.  Also, did you keep riding/training all the way up to the birthing date?

Just want to get your opinions as most OB/GYNs do not know what its like to
ride/train/race horses.  I figure they will m=
ost likely tell you to stop.

thanks in advance,

Hi KC ,
I conditioned my endurance horse up to within 4 weeks of my son Colt being
born , did a 30 mile competitive ride at the beginning of my 8th month ,
and finished 4th ! Heavyweight of course ! The people who put on the
competitive ride were not sure if they should let me ride it or not ..then
decided to let me ride it but said that someone else would have to trot my
horse out at the vet checks .. I told them that if I was not physically
able to trot my horse out myself I sure as hell wouldn't be able to ride
him 30 miles :-)))  But I also did a 50 miler last June two weeks after
having my gallbladder removed ..wasn't the smartest thing I've ever done ..
It all depends on YOU
                  S.W. Mt.

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