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ankle pain

marilyn wiese" wrote:
> not keep it straight, it was rolling over and my weight was really
> stretching out the muscles and tendons and 'stuff' on the outside.  Being
a long distance runner and biker for over 20 years, I have been well aware
of my 'conformation faults' and have had lots of trouble with running
injuries. I HAVE to do something differently for my ankle now because I had
to put all my effort into trying to keep the bottom of my foot in the
stirrup instead of letting my ankle just roll the foot from under it."
I thought it was just me that had this problem! Also, I thought I would
never be able to describe it, but instantly recognised Marilyn's
description.  I only get it in ome ankle, the right, and my foot rolls in
and the outside of the ankle gets very p[ainful and too weak to keep
straight.  I've wondered if it had anything to do with:

(a) my general pigeon-toed, knock-kneed conformation
(b) thousands of miles of running and cycling, although never any ankle
injuries from those, mostly calf pulls.

It only happens when I'm riding, never running.  I would love to hear any
ridecampers advice or solutions.  I've had it so bad that I couldn't regain
a lost stirrup - in pretty crucial circumstances!

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