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RE: Re: Training Question


So the truth comes out! This is not a horse unfamiliar with training,
conditioning and competition in Endurance. The parameters have changed.

This mare needs some LSD  (long slow distance) for a few months. Now by LSD
I don't mean walking but a nice easy smooth trot for a bit then a moment of
walk then back to a trot and then continuing alternating  back and forth. In
other words raise the pulse, then rest a bit (the walk) but keep the motion
going at all times. The rougher ground the better. Not much in steep hills
but stick to the rolling terrain. Trot up and down the hills and walk the

As condition improves, in the second month or so, increase the time/distance
and towards the end of this second period increase the difficulty of the
terrain and roughness of the ground. (cross country if at all possible)

From this point on you should be monitoring the feed intake over and above
the essentials of good hay, water and electrolytes. Consider the intake of
grain (we prefer rolled barley and whole corn) necessary to maintain
condition and perhaps supplement with some oil.

We are now getting to the point where the mineral deficiencies or excesses
of your particular area may become of concern. Check these out, in
particular selenium and the other trace minerals. Supplement if necessary,
but err on the low side to start.

By the end of six months with increasingly longer and more difficult rides
you will be knowledgeable of how things are going to work out for you and
the mare. You should be familiar with all of her foibles and know the TRUE
condition of her mind and body.

From that point it is onward and upward with, of course, those inevitable
plunges to the depths  that will occur every once in a while. Your physical
and mental conditioning should by this time be well tuned and if it is, then
go compete. If it is not, then take up another sport that will fit your
nature better.

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
 Boise, ID
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 You left out much pertinent information such as age , training, and prior
 use. These are very important as to how one would proceed. Oh, I forgot,
 the turnout been on a flat grassy pasture, 7/24 or with some stall time,
 in the rough hills like mine and has this animal been by itself or with
 other horses? >>
I better unload this question - she is 12, has been pastured for 6 to 8
months, completed 3 50 milers and TT in one. She was pastured at the
foothills of the Sierras so she roamed on hills daily. she has excellent
legs, clean bone and is a very clean mover - efficient and elastic - no
wasted movement. She is well trained and is going well in the back pasture
with my daughter. Her gaits are all well developed and she knows her
transitions. she crosses water directly - no training seems to be needed -
just conditioning. Her RHR as of last week was 36 - her 3 minute recovery
after 1 mile is 68 - not bad for an out of shape girl!

she goes out with others and alone equally well - no stress here! Goes in
about any headstall even a halter! she is about 15 hands with a solid body
build and excellent front end as well.
Is that better, Bob?:)

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