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Re: RC: RE: RE: Phil Gardner's letter in April EN Mailbag

Ok, I'm convinced. Steph, I want all my back royalties at the rate of 50 
cents a word. Ridecampers, since there are so many of you, 7 cents a word 
from each will do. To find out how much you owe, please go to the archives 
and count my words--or settle for my estimate of 20,000. You pay the result 
.07 X 20,000 to Steph and she will in turn pay additional royalties of 10% of 
that amount to me. From now on, to make it easier for all of you, there will 
be a blanket fee of $10 per post to individuals and $50 to the list. I will 
take major credit cards--or cashier's checks. No personal checks, please. 

Cheap at twice the price.

 (c) Copyright 1999, Tom Ivers

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