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Re: RC: Fwd: RC: Arab or TWH

In a message dated 4/13/99 9:06:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Thiessej writes:

<< Phil 
 I agree that the gaited horses are smoother and enjoyable to ride but they 
are also very competitive. I don't think I have ever placed outside the top 
ten in these parts and usually I can manage a BC . If I don't get the BC 
there is another Saddlebred around who does ,as the horses tend to be very 
close in alibity
 Jerald >>
I am not debating you on this.  My TWH is the most competitive ride I've ever 
been on.  His heart is bigger than my wife's Arab.  My biggest problem in the 
past is Vets that don't identify a gaited horse in Vet checks.  I have to 
identify that I am riding a gaited horse at every vet check.  But I will 
gladly discuss this with a Vet and still be able to ride my gaited horses.

Phil (I agree with you.)

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