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Juniors on ERs

Okay folks, I have a question for you all! :-)

My daughter has decided that she wants to start doing some endurance rides.
We will soon be getting a horse for her that we will train for her to use on
these rides. My problem is this... She will be starting by doing some LDs
and then a few 50s. Her horse will be a mare, and I ride a stallion. He's
great about riding with mares, but I am riding him on 100s and I think he
would be too full of it for my daughter to be comfortable riding with us on
her first few LD rides and 50s. As of right now, we don't know too many
folks in our region who I could ask to sponsor her on these rides. If we go
to a ride, and someone offers to sponsor her, do they have any obligation to
her? I've heard stories about juniors being abandoned by their sponsors on
trail, and my daughter is fairly timid, so I REALLY wouldn't want something
like this to happen to her! If I had another horse to ride with her, I would
(but I don't...). So if a sponsor leaves a junior on trail, what happens? If
the junior leaves the sponsor, they get disqualified I think?

Stephanie McCray
Golden, CO
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