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RE: Training Question


You left out much pertinent information such as age , training, and prior
use. These are very important as to how one would proceed. Oh, I forgot, has
the turnout been on a flat grassy pasture, 7/24 or with some stall time,  or
in the rough hills like mine and has this animal been by itself or with
other horses?

Supply this info so we are not answering a loaded question.

But initially, we figure six months progressive work for initial
cardio/vascular, at least that or more likely nine months to learn to eat
properly and several years for full development of the tendons and ligaments
if the horse is to last a long time.

Right now you should be more concerned with basic ground training and then
initial riding capability. (we don't know if this horse has ever been
ridden) It is senseless to consider endurance riding in less than a year if
this horse has no experience in being ridden out on the trail and in company
(this is why I mentioned this being a loaded question)

So, supply ALL the facts and we will be more likely to offer good

Bob Morris
Morris Endurance Enterprises
Boise, ID
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Sent:	Tuesday, April 13, 1999 4:38 PM
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Okay, here is a question for you all - never having had a completely unfit
horse to ready for a ride, I am going to throw this out to the masses. Our
new mare is a dolly, well built, solid legs - all that! she has been at
pasture for at least 6 months up until we got her 2 weeks or so ago.  I
like to hear form those guys who have done this - what would your
conditioning protocol be for this mare? What would your schedule be as well
as your goal for a first ride (time frame)? I can't WAIT to hear all the
great answers I am sure this list has waiting!

Honestly, none of our horses ever had to come back from complete down time -
even when injured. They still seemed ot have excellent base on them. This
girl has no base. Nada. Okay, lemme have it!

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