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Training Question

Okay, here is a question for you all - never having had a completely unfit 
horse to ready for a ride, I am going to throw this out to the masses. Our 
new mare is a dolly, well built, solid legs - all that! she has been at 
pasture for at least 6 months up until we got her 2 weeks or so ago.  I would 
like to hear form those guys who have done this - what would your 
conditioning protocol be for this mare? What would your schedule be as well 
as your goal for a first ride (time frame)? I can't WAIT to hear all the 
great answers I am sure this list has waiting! 

Honestly, none of our horses ever had to come back from complete down time - 
even when injured. They still seemed ot have excellent base on them. This 
girl has no base. Nada. Okay, lemme have it!

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