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Re: RC: Fort Valley No Frills (long)-sole soreness


I may have ridden with you for a bit on that last (yes, it was rocky & tough) 
3rd leg of the No Frills as I had the same galloping group go past on the 
road when my friend & I were watering the horses at a stream.  I usually see 
rocks in my sleep for a few days after doing those OD rides!
Altho we did more jogging thru rocks than I would prefer, my friend & I did 
take it easy on the real bad stuff & our horses got thru in good shape.  I 
was told at the final check that my horse was "incredibly sound," which was 
music to my ears.  I don't pad, didn't with his dam, either, whose done quite 
a few rides down there & came thru sound.  Afraid I'm more likely to lose a 
shoe with the pad (farriers, please feel free to jump in here!).  Have seen 
shoes with pads strewn along  the rocky sections on previous rides!  Can 
almost find your way by the shoes & pads!  I have brought him along slowly, 
started at a young age, and use the paved roads that are plentiful at home to 
try to toughen up his legs, working up gradually the amount of conditioning 
time I spend trotting on the roads.  I also trailer out at least a few times 
a month in the winter to trails that have some rocks so the horse can learn 
to navigate thru & just get used to going over them. This is obviously not a 
quick fix, but don't know if there is!  I also try to really watch the trail. 
I almost become a dressage rider trying to ride every step & guide him thru 
the least (ha, ha!) rocky route.  
Curious what other folks do for "rock training."

Nancy & Tempo (the trails at home may be boring, but at least they have few 

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