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Re: RC: Arab or TWH

	I would say to study the ride results on what type of horses complete 
endurance rides the most.  Also, it sounds like you need to make up your mind 
in what you really want to do.  All horses can be trained into doing any 
speed that you ask them to do.  Sometimes we here at TRAIL-RITE find it's 
really the rider that likes to go fast, :) and when the time is not right, 
like with slower pleasure riders, the horse is now confused. :(  Most horses 
want to either stay up or be in front so this is not unusual.  I'm really 
tired of hearing "But my horse wanted to go fast!"
Think about this, and also have someone go through with you on a good balance 
riding program for the trail.  That should help the people body problems, 
unless you have a unique back condition.

Tammy Robinson & Katie Bar The Door
98 PS 1st Lightweight

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