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EPM: early signs

Karen Gehringer
My mare was diagnosed with EPM yesterday only a month after her first 50 at the FEC(we went slow and she did great!).  The week afterwards I she started moving crooked every now and then.  I tried getting rid of the heart rate monitor, looking for a saddle problem but still she would do that from time to time.  I also noticed that her rear end didn't look as filled out as usual.  She didn't seem as happy to go ride  either.  Also when I stretched out her back legs, they weren't stretching evenly.  Anyway, the vet came out yesterday and made the diagnosis after doing some neurological exams.  I'm writing this for two reasons.  First, so that other people will be forewarned to pick up on subtle signals and catch it early.  I'm at least glad we caught it soon although I am very sad that my sweet mare has this illness.  Secondly, I was hoping that people that have dealt with EPM and had sucessful outcomes could write me and let me know what they think helped.  She started on pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine yesterday.   Thank you for any helpful responses you can send my way.  My e-mail is

Karen Gehringer and Anna

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