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Re: saddle sore knees

Hey, Nina

I had this problem with my english sadddle.  I  just thought it was my bum
left knee.  To a certain extent, it is, but a friend advised me to LOWER the
stirrup a notch.  Viola.  Didn't work totally, the knee is still a bum knee,
but it worked a lot better.  Might try experimenting with the lengths of
your stirrups.  Sounds like shorter isn't what you need.

Good luck,
Chattanooga, TN

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Nina Vasiliev
Hi there,

I just bought a used Synergist, and I love it, but...
the more I ride in it, the more my knees ache.  I'm kind of puzzeled because
I really think it fits me pretty well.  I feel well balenced in the saddle.
The other day I went on a gentle trail ride with some nonenduro-type
friends, we walked most of the 2 hours.  My knees were so sore that I had to
remove my feet from the stirrups to stretch out my knees before jumping off
at the end.  I have the stirrup length between my ankle and heel, closer to
my heels.  Shorter feels too short.  I'm not sure what to do.  Do the
stirrups need to be moved?
I called Synergist, He's out of town.  He'll call me soon.  I just wanted
some ideas to mull over before I spoke to him.  Any ideas?

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