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Cachuma Rider Romp NATRC Ride

The  Region 2 Cachuma River Romp NATRC Ride is coming up in just a couple
weeks, in the beautiful Santa Ynez valley, just north of Santa Barbara.
Due to projected highway construction there is a good possibility that this
might be the last year we use these trails, so this could be your last
chance to see some really spectacular scenery (and animals:  one ranch we
go through raises african cattle, water buffalo, zebras -- and is residence
to large numbers of wild turkeys and deer).  Despite the unseasonable cool
weather, the wildflowers are going by the calendar and are in full bloom.

The trail is good, mainly ranch roads -- and we've timed it knowing it is
an early season ride.  We have a one-day Novice, as well as the two day
Open/Novice and CP rides.  This year another ranch has given us permission,
so the Open riders will see about six miles of lakeside trail they've never
been on before.

Our website
 has the full entry form (print out the application and hold-harmless forms
to send in), as well as a bunch of pictures taken out on the trail and also
at our campsite (which will also be used for this year's Championship
Challenge).  Like any ride, we can always use volunteers (good way to see
the trail even if you don't have a horse ready to ride)-- contact ride
manager Marion Schlinger (805-686-1618) or email her at

See you there --

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)
Cachuma River Romp NATRC Ride:

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