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an open letter......

I hesitated to send this letter to Ridecamp but also feel it is a worthy
cause. It is a letter I wrote to Trail Blazer in response to: "An Open
Letter To The Trail Blazer Readers" You might not believe it after reading
this but I'm usually very quiet!!<g>
-----Original Message-----
From: lori cox <>
To: <>
Date: Friday, April 09, 1999 6:22 PM
Subject: letter by Bob Cherry

>   I just read the letter written by Bob Cherry in defense of TWH breeders
>and exhibitors. It is full of lies! I know, I used to show my TWH mare, the
>daughter of a Grand Champion, "Tiger Bay". She had the qualities of a
>champion herself. In 3 years of showing 2 in park classes(w/ chains) 1in
>show pleasure (w/o chains). We only won 1 class because it's very hard to
>win on a "clean" horse.
>    I remember watching a show horse class, there was a mare with beautiful
>gates and a lot of action. this horse won most of her classes. My trainer
>told me, that is how Windy (my horse) would look if she was sored. I have
>admit it was awesome to watch and even more fun to ride one of these
>   I once saw a horse that was warming up that had blood running down it's
>fetlocks from cuts the owner had put there that would be irritated by the
>chains during his class. Luckily, this horse did not pass inspection and
>not allowed to show. There was a horse in our mare's barn who had been
>foundered (purposely) this horse could barley stumble out of his stall. But
>when asked to do a running walk etc he move beautifuly! If you want to call
>it that. He was a very good show horse!
>   Even the plantation horses are judged for their action and are sometimes
>   As long as the breed is judged for their high action, trainers will find
>sneakier ways to sore horses.I didn't even know my horse was being sored by
>my original trainer and we visited her at least weekly! I found out a year
>later when someone found a small bump on each fetlock from the needles. I
>was shocked, this trainer was known as a ''clean" trainer.
>   In addition, this is something all breeders and trainers KNOW. So don't
>let anyone tell you that only a small percentage of horses are  mistreated!
>It's the other way around! Only a small percentage of  horses aren't being
>mistreated that do well in the show ring. It is a good thing that they are
>so easy going! They are wonderful horses.
>Lori Cox
>P.S. Why do you think I like endurance SO much?!

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