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Re: RC: RC: Hollowing Question

> Deb describes a "ring" of muscles that contribute to rounding. A horse that
> is only using it's adominals is not going to be truly collected. Collection
> is dependent on a shift in the center of gravity towards the rear, with the
> requirement that all four feet stay equally grounded. In order for this to
> happen the thorax has to rise within the "posts and sling" of the front
> appendicular skeleton.

I absolutely agree.  But HELP - wait a minute - you're getting ahead of
me here (could you throw us some definitions?):

> there is a holding in the 

#1 - myofascia of the 
#2 - cutaneous colli 

>(it falsely acts
> like a 

#3 - retinaculum), 

> there is a 

#4 - banding of fascia 

> in front of the point of
> hip (again a false retinaculum to compensate for the lumbar flexion) ...

And my next question is wouldn't this predispose a horse to damage of
the lumbosacral joint, lumbar vertebra, and/or sacroiliac joint?  I've
always assumed that a lot of equine low back pain is from overusing
abdominals without developing total self-carriage.  Yes/no?

-Abby B

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