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Joint supplemets

Barb Peck
From: Barb Peck

Nutramax has a patent on mixing Glucosimine HCL and Chondroitin
Sulfate (and a small amout of magnesium) together in a capsule.

To comply with the patent, other companies have to
sell the two ingredients spearately.  You can buy them
separaetly and mix them your self, and save some $$$.

I buy the two ingredients separately in 8 oz. jars from
Uckele Animal Nutrition, Blissfield, Mo.. And mix them
together before feeding.  It's not alfalfa based.  Both
look like confectionary (powdered) sugar and both tastes
sweet. No animal or human I know has made a yucky face after
tasting the stuff.

There are 3 humans, 2 cats & 1 dog taking this brand, and it
has worked on everybody.

If anybody's interested in their phone # (in case they don't have a web site.. I'm not sure)
Let me know & I'll post it when I locate the catalogue.


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