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Horse transport

    I have used two companies and both were excellent and have stayed in
business long enought to know that they are doing something right!  I had a
horse trucked from Missouri to Connecticut by Mike Cox 800-829-8797.  We had
a weather glitch and Mike handled things well and didn't charge me extra
either!  He was great to deal with and I would definitely use him again.
He's based in the Dallas, TX area but has quality service from coast to
coast with a reasonable price tag.  Also, I used (seller's preference)
Nation-Wide Horse Transport out of Colorado Springs 719-392-1888 to ship a
mare/foal from Colorado Springs to NE Iowa.  The transport was a little
pricey but the service was excellent and mare/foal were in as good a
condition as they left Co in.  (Suspect seller wasn't the best horseperson
around!)  Hope this helps!

Best wishes,
Vickie Smith
Lincoln, Vermont  (every shippers' nightmare!)

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