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flame throwing

burning their horse's winter coats off"

I do not know that much about burning winter coats, but I use to cut hair for 
a living.  I have heard of this technique used in salons rather than the use 
of a pair of scissors.  If you took some of your hair and burned it.  And 
then looked at the ends of the hair.  You will see a teeny ball at the end of 
the hair strand.  I do not think it makes for an attractive look.  Also fire 
takes the moisture out of objects, so I would tend to think that it would 
create a dull finish in the end.  If you clip with a dull blade you will also 
get a dull finish because instead of cutting the hair it rips it.  I would 
not feel comfortable with a flame coming at my head as I was sitting in the 
hair salon.  I think I would leave skid marks on the way out the door.  Seems 
to me that it would be a lot easier to skim over the top of the coat to get 
those long hairs off.  Or you could get a blade cover that will allow for a 
longer trim.

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