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RC: bodyclipping

Jim Porter wrote:
> Trish & everyone else that Re:
>   I don't body clip my horses, but I have an alturnitive to the long,
> scraggley winter hair that stays wet hours after a training ride.
>   I use a 4'' emergency candle and "candle" them...
> I know, it sounds weird, It started in Europe way
> before electricity and clippers...

The first time I ever heard of burning off hair was in a Dick Francis
mystery.  In 1974's _Knockdown_ the main character is a bloodstock
agent.  He buys a horse for a client by word-of-mouth and then
discovers that the horse has been pastured for months and is
highly unkempt.  Before he delivers it to its new owner, he
candles the horse to make it look presentable.

I don't think this is a technique one wants to teach oneself by
trial and error...

Linda B. Merims
Massachusetts, USA

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