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Re: RC: Back-to-Back Rides

If "turtling" is slow, (last place isn't always slow!)like 9-10 hours 
I'd say go for it if your horse feels okay to you. Try to be objective. 
Since you're in the SE I'm guessing you can give the horse an extended 
break in the heat of the summer. I wouldn't see why it isn't a lot 
easier than the multi-day. If the vet sees some specific reason the 
horse needs off (maybe the vet is seeing signs of deterioration) ask 
what they are seeing.

>I almost hate to open this can of worms...but I really want to get
>some opinions about doing back-to-back 50 miles.  We are in a
>hot and heavy season here in the SE and every weekend there is
>a ride.  I've never done back-to-back rides like this before,
>but I've never had a horse that COULD do it.  I've been going slow
>(the turtle is my favorite award now-a-days) and have done 3 slow
>50's in a row.  I would like to ride the 50 again this next weekend
>but I'm getting concerned that it may be too much.
>I spoke with a well known endurance vet and her opinion is that
>it "IS" too much.  But I am reasoning that if you can do
>"consecutive" 50's (2 day 100's, 3 day 100's, etc) then back-to-back
>50's done slowly and with a weeks rest in-between is o.k.....or is it?
>Look forward to hearing some opinions!

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