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Russian Orlov stallion at stud; others for sale

Hi there,

On my way home from riding the Lakeside Classic 50 this weekend, I'm flying
to Europe to purchase a Russian Orlov stallion, in hopes of replacing the
irreplacable Nature's Ballet.  "Blue", as he was known, had among his many
accomplishments five Tevis completions, a Ride & Tie Championship finish
(he behaved impecably tied to the same tree as a mare), and numerous
offspring who have been distinguishing themselves in various fields,
including endurance.

Although I'm looking at many horses while there, my new stallion will
probably be the 16 hh black four-year old Russian Orlov which my friend
Alex Grawkowski has tentatively picked out for me.  Alex worked for me in
California for 3 years, top tenned Tevis on one of my horses, and took that
horse and a 1/2 Orlov back to Germany with her, so she knows what I like.
The photos she emailed me show this horse floating about 8 inches off the
ground in a spectacular extended trot at liberty.   Steph and I have won
50's and BCs on four different 1/2 Orlovs, many of Blue's offspring have
numerous 100 mile endurance accomplishments (including win and BC), and I'm
looking to continue the tradition.   Plus, I have some of Blue's daughters
I'll be breeding to the new guy.

While there, I am available to scout out Russian Orlovs for other
interested purchasers.   The farm I will be visiting in Germany has over 30
Orlovs, all hand picked and imported from  Russia by Herr Rudolf Huber, an
international combined driving competitor and trainer. Most are grey, with
a few bays and blacks.  I will probably bring at least one additional horse
back with me to sell in the US, and the new stallion will be standing at
stud.   For general information about the Russian Orlov and Nature's
Ballet, please see my web site.  If anyone is seriously interested in
importing one of these horses ( it is NOT inexpensive) please contact me in
the next couple days.  


Lari Shea                        
Ricochet Ridge Ranch	      		Riding Vacations on the Mendocino Coast 
24201 North Highway One	      	with lodging at unique B&B Inns;
Fort Bragg, CA 95437			International Riding Vacations
	       			Akhal Teke and Russian Orlov/cross horses
707-964-7669ph/ 707-964-9669 fax   	At stud: RRR Stolichnaya & RRR Russia

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