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Need Help Locating Pad

Title: Need Help Locating Pad

My friend and I ride in Bob Marshall Sport Saddles.  My friend, Mary, has

experienced the "white hair syndrome" that seems to be occuring with

tree-less saddles.   I ride a gray arab and can't tell.   While attending

the Montell Cliffhanger, I  rode a borrowed horse, in which the owners used

a unique synthetic pad underneath the woolback pad.  This is what I am

looking for.   It is a cross between a Welcome Astroturf mat  and

spaghetti.   The fibers were  spaghetti- like.  It was about 1/2" thick.

It seemed to provide the air space.  After riding in it you can hose it

down like a the reusable air conditioner filters and let it dry. 
If anybody knows where I can find this pad, please e-mail me direct.

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