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Re: Fw: Fat horse

Feeding your fat boy only wheat straw *is* a bit extreme IMO---think of
trying to lose weight yourself safely.  You can lose alot of weight by
eating nothing but bean sprouts, but it's not healthy, as the body will be
raiding lean muscle mass for protein, being deprived of sufficient vitamins
and minerals, etc.  The trick is to still provide adequate protein, minerals
and vitamins, while cutting down on the energy (calories).

My suggestion would be to feed *some* good quality straw (and by this I mean
clean, not dusty, moldy or older than Methuselah) as well as some good
quality grass hay such as bermuda or oat hay.  No grain, no beet pulp or
fats, no alfalfa.  If he's 14 hands, I'm guessing his healthy lean weight is
about 850-900 pounds tops, and you should feed him a minimum of 1% of that
weight per day to maintain gut integrity---in other words, about 9 pounds a
day.  Allow for about 10% waste and that puts you at 10 pounds of forage a
day.  I'd feed about 3/4 of that as grass hay and the rest as wheat straw.
If you want, you can provide a bit more straw (not bermuda) so he has
something to at least pick at so he doesn't start chewing up fences and
things.  No more than about 14-16 pounds total forage (bermuda plus straw).

Because his nutrient intake is going to be limited, I personally would also
add a small amount of a complete vit/min mix---something like Select or
GrandVite or anything else of your choice.  You don't need anything
super-duper, just a general mix.  Something that comes in a pellet would
probably be preferable, so you can hand-feed it as a treat, as opposed to a
powder that needs to be mixed into grain or whatever.

You're right about exercise being hard for him while he's obese---not only
is all that fat a heavy insulating layer that is going to overheat him
easily, but his sweat glands are probably not well-developed, so his ability
to disperse heat is compromised for the time being.  Also, abdominal fat has
a detrimental effect on his ability to breathe during exercise, so while he
can and should exercise, keep it fairly low level until he no longers
jiggles quite so much.  Lots of walking is a good start.

Hope this gives you a start---would you mind my asking where this guy is at
the moment?  Is he in So Cal?

Susan G
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From: ckellerfarm <>
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Date: Monday, April 05, 1999 11:57 AM
Subject: RC: Fw: Fat horse

>-----Original Message-----
>From: ckellerfarm <>
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>Date: Monday, April 05, 1999 12:20 PM
>Subject: Fat horse
>>Hi every one,
>>I have a little(or big) problem. Last fall a good friend gave me two
>>One is a coming two year old Arabian      ( Indeed Given)and the other is
>>8 year old gelding 1/2 arab,(Pumba). Indie is fine growing ect. but Pumba
>>way too fat.  He is 14 hands and about 1300lb. he has rolls on his
>>jiggles when he trots, also toots allot (so  the name Pumba after the wort
>>hog in the lion king)I gave him to my nephew to use for 4-H, he has sense
>>come back as Eric decided a horse was to much work.( silly kid) So I need
>>find Pumba a new home ,but as long as I have him back I think I,ll work on
>>him a little. Here is my problem, He's so fat! I've been around horses all
>>my life and have never seen a horse this fat!  If he is ridden for even a
>>few minutes hes starts to sweat, breath hard and cough. So I think he
>>to lose a few lbs before I can even start. I do not want to use him for
>>endurance only get him retrained(he had not been ridden for 3 years before
>>he got here) so he has a chance of being a family horse for some one. I
>>Rose (friend) I'd get him a good home. And with all this weight he doesn't
>>have a chance!  My  farrier and good friend said to put him in a dry
>>with only wheatstraw to eat ( water and salt) but this seems to
>>is it?) But I don't see how else he"ll lose it. He was  in the pasture
>>time and only grained in the winter at his old home. He was checked by a
>>before he came here  the only problem is his weight, I think.
>>I going to strat lounging him when ever the snow melts. But can't see
>>him now as it seems to realy be too much work for him. (besides that the
>>saddle will not stay put keeps sliding off the side no matter how tight I
>>cinche him, must be the rolls again)
>> I'd realy like to give him a chance at a good home where he'd be loved
>>ridden. Rose  tryed to sell him and the only people who wanted him were
>>killers because of this,This is why he's here, she wanted one of my girls
>>use him. But they all have thier own horses they just love(arabs) and I do
>>not have time for him!.
>>So have too get this weight off him, if I'm to keep my word! And I all
>>keep my word!
>>This is a good example of breeding because you like the little foals but
>>have not plans for them . (but her colts are so cute)She spent money to
>>him trained and left him sit now he's of little use and the only people
>>want him want to weigh him up! And I can't do that, hes a nice horse sweet
>>gentle and a pretty bay!
>>Any one with ideas! Any one want him!(cheap to a good home, money goes to
>>Rose) He's Arab/QH!
>>Tamara and Annie(ride me not him!)
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