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barebacking it

  Thanks to all who offered me their opinions on riding bareback for long distances.  I would like to answer all privately, but I got SO many responses (public and private) that I would be writing a long time before I was able to write to everybody individually!  So thanks for chipping in.  I heard all the opinions and have decided to keep barebacking it when I want to and use the saddle when I want to!  :)  As long as Pache is not sore from barebacking or saddle work, I figure it's pretty much my choice. I've also decided to invest in a bareback pad to help keep the sweat off me in the dead of summer.  (I STILL like just barebacking; there's something so freeing about riding in a halter; bareback.)  The saddle I have seems to fit him well enough and I can use more experience riding in the saddle.  There are definite benefits to both ways and I'll probably do combinations.  2 weeks ago, when I went to Pigeon Mtn, the overwhelming comment I got from other riders when they encountered me on the trail, bareback, was "did you lose something?"  Loses it's charm after the first 3 times you hear it.  :)
Anyway, have fun, be safe, ride bareback!
Chattanooga, TN

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