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Re: RC: Sugar and Iodine (was First Aid Kit)

Thank you for the explanation.  Farriers have a way of coming up with weird but useful solutions.  Our old farrier swore by Preparation H for deep wounds.  There's a funny story about that that I won't go into, except to just tell the punch line (you can imagine the rest!), which is (Paul to cashier):  "Those (4 giant economy size) tubes aren't for me, they're for my horse!".  The stuff does work, and our vet gave it the OK for emergencies too.

If that iodine/sugar doesn't work, try colloidal silver water.  You can check out some photos of a cut on one of our mare's legs that we treated with the stuff by going to  It was very nasty.  The history of the treatment is also there. Can't for the life of me figure out why it would work, but it sure did heal. For all I know, maybe it would have healed on its own.    Lif


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