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Unofficial FEC Results

Here are the Unofficial Results of the Florida Endurance Classic Rides
held on 13 March 1999 Inverness, Fl.

AERC / FEI 100 Mile Ride..Open Ride: 10 Started 5 Finished
						  FEI Division: 13 Started 8 Finished
						 Total Started 100 Mile Ride: 23..Finished: 13

	1.Dinah Rojek          FEI 1
	2.Stephen Rojek        FEI 2  BC!
	3.Patty Pizzo          FEI 3
	4.Kathy Brunjes        FEI 4
	5.Cynthia Bell         FEI 5
Tie 6.Connie Caudill       FEI 6
Tie	7.Bill Wilson    
	8.Jim Peters  
	9.Nancy Beacon         FEI 7
   10.Betty Baker          FEI 8
   11.Marion Brewer
   12.Theresa Mascaro
   13.Echo Pompilius
   14.Sue Corr

DNF:Amanda Taylor, Deborah DeShon, Maggy Price,Lucy Snook, Vicki Doler
    Karen Jones, Laurie McCluggage, Claude Brewer, Leslie Anderson.

AERC 75 Mile Ride: 4 Started 2 Finished

    1. Lawton Johnston     No BC 
	2. Pat Sager

DNF: Truman Prevatt, Maryellen Shoemaker

AERC 50 Mile Ride: 21 Start 19 Finish

     1. Debbie Foti
	 2. Darlene Krell
	 3. Jean Wonser
	 4. Susan Losier
	 5. Leslie Feroglia   BC!
	 6. Catherine Whiteacre
	 7. Sarah Noll           JR
	 8. Marjolein Bass
	 9. Randy Lavicoff	
    10. Jerry Fruth
	11. Roxanne Ciccone
	12. Nelson Blackmore
	13. Shirley Dennie
	14. Richard Egyed       JR
	15. Carol Thompson
	16. Diane Ebel
	17. Kelly Tobin
	18. Karen Gehringer
	19. Peggy Jordan

DNF: Lynn Carlson, Barbara Charron

AERC Limited Distance 25 Mile Ride: 42 Started 40 Finished

     1. Brandy Bobst  BC!
	 2. Joe Baker
     3. Alice Wingate    JR
	 4. Bev Zichek
	 5. Lynn Turk
	 6. Julie Sinclair
	 7. Dorothy Bobst
	 8. Melissa Carlson  JR
	 9. Rae Bolton
  	10. Lydia Cassilly
	11. Lorraine Barklay
	12. Joby Delano
	13. Paula Stitch
	14. Cathy Thomas
	15. Jean Matmor
	16. Doran Matmor
	17. Terry Stone
	18. Christopher Stone   JR
	19. Gary Martin
	20. Shelly Delaporte
	21. Mary Hilton
	22. Natalie O'Donald  JR
	23. Carol Clark
	24. Jane Hilton
	25. Linda Gasparini
	26. Adele Pennington
 	27. Diane Giggy
	28. Janet Martin
	29. Karen Delcharco
	30. Manny Delcharco
	31. Diana Thompson
	32. Patricia Pessilla
	33. Belinda Ramsey      Rookie
	34. Dottie White
	35. Wendy Wilson
	36. Megan Wilson      JR.
	37. Karen Kiracoffe
	38. Lauren DePena     JR.
	39. Nora Mask
	40  Laurie Allard

NOTE: JRS. rode free at the FEC this year...the Jr. entry overall was
the largest in years! Bottom line will tell as to whether we can afford
to *totally* support the Jr. rider entry in the future.Either way, JRs.
will always receive a big break at the FEC. Kudos to the non-parent
riders sponsoring a Jr. You should probably get a discount too!
More Notes: Leash Law was respected as far as I could determine..thank
            you! (My sign at entrance gate read: LEASH LAW ENFORCED.)

            Rider Meal was built in to the entry fee for all distances;
            non meat eaters still had a satisfying meal with the balance
	        of the menu...seemed to work..Meal was served on Fri. before
            the Briefings...all riders could then partake.

The entry list was comprised of riders from Canada, Vermont, Maine, 
Rhode Island, Pa., Carolinas, Tenn, Indiana, Georgia and Fl... Vendors
Teddy Lancaster, Ohio & Animal Tacker, Texas were also on hand. We are
grateful for your support and congratulate you for your efforts.I pray
that your journeys home were safe.

Deena Meyer
Most Humble Ride Mgr.
Fl. Endurance Classic '99

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