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Re: RC: Re: Beet Pulp

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Date: Wednesday, March 17, 1999 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: RC: Re: Beet Pulp

>Susan, what is the approximate volume of a pound of beet pulp?

It really varies, but a two-pound coffee can holds about four pounds of beet
pulp *pellets*.  The shredded is less dense, not sure about the volume of

Also, no one
>has mentioned the amount of water, I have been adding water to more than
>and then lifting the beet pulp out of the water and adding it to the feed.

Since soaking it really isn't critical, I don't really measure, but again,
the pellets will soak up much more than the shredded.  I usually add about
three measures water for one measure pellets.  If there's juice left in the
bottom, they get that in their tubs, too.  You can hear the slurping and
slobbering for miles.

>Somewhat straining it, however, I am now leaving more and more water in the
>beet pulp and adding it to the feed ration.  I figured it was good for
>hydration, I'm trying to get my guy eager to eat sloppy wet BP & grain at
>VC's since he generally has a poor appetite.   Also, I assume I can soak BP
>water in the refrigerator for our hot summers?

Sure is.  Sure can.  :-)

Susan Garlinghouse

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