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Re: Beet Pulp

My guess would be if more than two pounds of beet pulp is causing diarrhea,
it's an individual thing, not something to be necessarily expected in any
other horse.  I have countless folks feeding a whole bunch of beet pulp
(including one of my own who gets eight pounds a day) with no problems.

Two pounds is not going to cause enormous weight gain---after all, two
pounds of beet pulp is equivalent in energy to just a little more than a
pound of oats, and that's just not a huge amount of calories in the big
scheme of things. :-)

Susan Garlinghouse
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Date: Tuesday, March 16, 1999 9:54 AM
Subject: RC: Beet Pulp

>There is One thing you have to be careful when feeding beet pulp.  If you
>to much it causes diarrhea!  I think 2 pounds dry, soaked is enough.  I
>been feeding it to my gelding and if I don't be careful he gets the "runs"
>thats something you don't want as it is taking water out of them.  It has
>helped him weight wise.  If you use the shredded be sure to soak for a long
>time as it is slow in soaking up the water.  It hasn't helped my horse put
>weight but have heard from other people that it has helped.
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