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Re: RC: saddle question

Linda writes:

<< Look to see if your horse's back is evenly developed.  Sometimes what
 you're describing can happen if a side is atrophied, even slightly. 
 Then, your goal is to help him develop his muscles evenly.  Stand above >>

My oldest horse is not evenly developed, which I discovered after starting
CTR's.  I like to post on the right diagonal, and Fix prefers that side, will
bounce me back to the right if I try to post on the left.  When I first got
him & just pleasure trail rode I always posted on the right, & no doubt
muscled him up more on 1 side.  With the subsequent horses I tried to be
conscientious about changing my posting diagonals.  If the horse's strong side
is the side you like to post on, it can be a bad combination for
overdeveloping one side of the horse.
Also, check that the tree isn't broken on the one side, altho I believe you
said you had used more than 1 saddle & still got the problem, so it is
unlikely that all the saddles had broken trees on that side!

Good luck,


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