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Re: RC: Limited Distance?

> 'set speed' rides and you have to do these (upto
> 50 miles) before progressing to rides with
> placings (50 miles and over, called ERs, or
> Endurance Rides). Set speed rides are considered
> preparatory . . . .

> This ladder system protects
> the horse and his performance in them during his
> first year(s) of endurance are recorded
> permanently on a mastercard in the horse's
> logbook. Once a horse has done the full distance
> ladder, he need not do them again and can race
> 50's, 60's, 75's, 80's, 100s - as you wish. 
> BERA just won't let you 'race' until you have
> proved you can get round these 'LDs' (set speed
> rides) safely.

> I am very interested in all this because I
> feel that we can all learn from each other and I
> admire many aspects of how endurance is run over
> there in the US....
This bears some similarity to the way combined training is run in the
US, with horses receiving "grades" based on completed level of
competition.  The grade restricts the level of competition for that
horse with that rider.

Very interesting.

-Abby B

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