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Re: RC: Ponying

In a message dated 3/15/99 4:40:02 PM Pacific Standard Time,

<< I used to be a polo groom and it is SOP to pony several horses at the same
 time, IF you can get your ducks (er, ponies-VBG-) in a row!  After much
 practice, I was able to pair up suitable partners, i.e. whomever feels he/she
 must race ahead gets put on the outside with the "dragger" in between us.

That might work, except..... we have REALLY narrow, mountain type trails
around here.  Surely you didn't get THAT good at ponying?  I think I'll stick
to ponying one and be happy if they're just doing the kids on a long car trip
routine.  If we were on ranch roads, MAYBE I'd try multiple ponying of horses,
however, with the drop-offs it would be equicide around here!


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