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Re: RC: Ponying

I have a friend that always rides one and ponies 3 - and I'm envious!
I've ponied two before, but not regularly, and have yet to pony three.

I'll frequently lead three or four horses around the ranch, and I use
their herd hierarchy to control them, and this is how I'd do it ponying
them. Shatirr is always to my right, as herd boss. Cam, his mare and the
informal leader, is always to his right. Kadance is to my left and in
front of me, and Gav is behind me to the left, because he'll put up with
anything. I've jogged with them arrayed like this on days when they've
been feisty, and they all are very locked into me as the alpha member
even though they want to be acting up, so it works fine.

When I try ponying them, I'll ride Gav or Cam, and arrange the others in
their "positions". Everything I tell a horse gets repeated and
emphasized by Shatirr, my little white general and second in command...
"Yeah - you heard what she said - catch up!"

My secret with ponying is to use Parelli ropes and halters, and to
establish myself clearly as the alpha member of the herd.

The mare I'm riding now hates being challenged, and her owner was
concerned that she'd kick if she was ponied or being used to pony. I am
DEFINITELY in charge when I'm on a horse, even if I'm riding single rein
in a halter and letting a horse do what they want. I'm alpha. They all
respect this. 

The first time I ponied her, she gave Gav one sour look, I corrected
her, and that was it. Ponying from her is a bit different... she's
fiercely competitive, but if those ears flick back, I remind her that
I'm in charge, and backs off immediately. She sure would like to race,
but agrees to behave.

I moved to the ranch where I keep all the horses this weekend, so will
try ponying my four soon... will let you know what works and what

Linda wrote:
> In a message dated 3/14/99 8:13:09 AM Pacific Standard Time,
> writes:
> << Almost every time I ride one horse I pony a second, and swear to add a
>  3rd and 4th as soon as I get everyone to the same level of condition. As
>  part of my mandatory training, I prepare horses for the eventuality that
>  the pony rope will get caught under the tail of the horse I'm riding...
>   >>
> Hi Linda!  When you progress to ponying 3 or 4 horses, would you give me a
> call?  I will be there to sell tickets for spectators!  I am barely managing
> to pony one rowdy 4 year old.  It kind of reminds me of my two boys in the car
> for a long car trip..... "He's looking at me!, ..... He's TOUCHING me, Hey
> you're on MY side,"  (you get the picture).  I end up coming in from a ride
> feeling like I've just gone 10 rounds with my kids in the car!
> Sylvia & Harca (I hate that new kid!)


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