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Re: RC: Help! Auction - Sou Cal!!!!!

I think that you concern is sincere, however you are a little off base and
mis-directed.  First of all it is only illegal to sell horses for HUMAN
consumption, but it isn't illegal to sell them for dog food.  An auction yard
is  not going to break the law in order to sell these horses.
I suggest that you use your energy in publicizing this auction.  Use your
resources from your horse rescue group and put adds in the newspapers, print
flyers, etc and get people who want to buy horse there at the auction.  You are
spinning your wheels by complaining and trying to find vault.  Make the best of
a bad situation and maybe a lot of people will get to buy a real nice horse for
a small amout of money.
If I lived in S. California I would certaining take advantage of this auction.
Carol Robertson
Kelseyville, CA

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