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English Qualifications


for those of u who r interested....

To become silver series a horse must compete the following :

(This is for junior.... senior is similar but only have to do 1 x BBQ
i think!!)

2 x Bronze Buckle Qualifer (BBQ) 20 miles between 6.5 - 8 mph (sorry,
can't do km/h!!!)

2 x Bronze Buckle Final (BBF) 30 miles between 7-8mph 

I think these are the speeds.... may not be exact but r very close.

To become gold series:

The above +

2 x silver stirup qual. (SSQ) 40 miles between 7 to ? mph

1 x Silver stirup final (SSQ) OR 50m endurance ride  7.5 to ? mph

U are then gold series and can compete ANY distance.

There you go, this is NOT EXACT..... i may have a couple of the times

Love Liz 'n' Trixie

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