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Re: Limited Distance Progam suggestion

>There ain't no way that's gonna happen!  Pay attention to the numerous
>posts pointing out what/how AERC defines endurance.  50 miles or more.
>would anybody want to change this?  If somebody wants to ride endurance,
>then they need to enter an endurance ride.  Not change the definition of
>what endurance is.  Lower the standards, in other words.

Sure, lower the standards! Then when these riders start show jumping, and
their horse can't jump 6', they can whine and say that the jumps should be

>The reason people are complaining now, is about horses being raced and
>overridden to finish in the front.  Adding points as a reward for top
>tenning is only going to make that worse.  Unless the goal is to see how
>many horses we can kill in a year?

Don't the top ten finishers get extra points already?

>I don't know very many endurance riders who 'brag' about being an
>endurance rider.  I don't get the point here?

That *is* the point! REAL endurance riders don't feel the need to brag!

>Give the horse a carrot, he doesn't care.

Heck, give him two carrots! After all, I don't hear *him* whining!

>While I do understand the reasoning to giving the LD riders regional top
>ten really isn't going over well with many of the riders that
>regional top ten awards are not given to the 100 mile horses.  Sort of
>seems like a backward incentive - start out in LD, get an award...move up
>to 100's and...get NOTHING.

Hmm... Maybe I should aspire to just race the LD *endurance* races instead
of trying to get ready for the Tevis....

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