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Re:insecure newbie

Regardless of what we "sound" like on ridecamp, we all were beginners at
one time, and showed up at our first time not knowing what we were
doing, with what you call"the wrong tack."
You will find that for endurance riders, any type of tack on any type of
horse (or other equine) is fine. What is important to us is that our
horse is comfortable with whatever tack we use, and that we are as
comfortable as we can make ourselves under whatever conditions we are
riding. We ALL love to ride, ride, ride. That's why we chose this sport.
One reason I chose this sport was the willingness of everyone to answer
my "stupid" questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question,
either, just a person who needs to know the answer. We are out for
helping beginners, because all of us love and respect our equine
partners and want to help newcomers take good care of their horses.
My advice to you is to come on out. Try us out. I think you will enjoy
the sport and have a good time.
Lucie H, a riding grandmother of eight.

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